TU Wien Racing Rollout 2023

Formula Student

Vienna, Austria

TU Wien Racing Formula Student Racecar reveal

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TU Wien Racing Rollout – Meet the EDGE14

The Formula Student Team of TU Wien – TU Wien Racing – builds a race car from scratch every year to participate in the international Formula Student events all over Europe. This week they presented their latest vehicle, the EDGE14, and our team, consisting of three former members of TU Wien Racing together with COO Andreas Szadeczky, was there for the rollout.

The event kicked off with an exciting presentation about the team’s successes over the past few years. It continued with a showcase of the process and the effort and countless hours that such a project requires. Approximately 100 students worked day and night for over half a year to be able to enthusiastically present us a superbly engineered and polished final product. Afterwards, we could examine every detail of the new EDGE14 and talk to the team members, who were more than excited to tell us everything we wanted to know about the vehicle and about the many innovations and advances it has over its predecessor.

“Attending the Rollout of the new EDGE14 racecar by TU Wien Racing was truly inspiring. It showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of the team behind this engineering feat. We are honored to have collaborated with TU Wien Racing and contributed our expertise to bring this innovative project to life. Congratulations to everyone involved!”

Andreas Szadeczky, COO

PRIME aerostructures has already supported the team with a sponsorship in the past and is proud to be able to do so again in the current season. We wish TU Wien Racing good luck and success on the race tracks this coming summer and thank the team for a wonderfully organized and entertaining event!

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