The PRIME Impact

What our customers say about PRIME:

Robert Machtlinger

Chairman of the Board FACC AG

“We are looking for partners that live up with FACC’s passion. PRIME aerostructures provides engineering solutions to us, solutions that are technically solid, on time and reliable.”

Christian Dries

former CEO Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH

“When we started our cooperation with PRIME, we were looking for a solution for one specific technical problem. With PRIME we found that solution. We also found a partner for the years to come.”

Max Kowatsch

Former CEO RUAG Space GmbH

“PRIME aerostructures has built up experience in analysis techniques for the space industry.”

Mike Stowell

President and CEO Aviation Partners Boeing

“I have personally worked with PRIME President, Roland Zeillinger, and he always exhibits a professional, yet innovative approach to solving complex technical problems.”

Joachim Nägele

Head of Programmes and Sales Premium Aerotec GmbH

“The PRIME team has more than lived up to our high standards concerning their engineering skills and service level.”