The PRIME Idea

From Idea to Product through Creativity and Know-How

At the beginning of all things is an idea – an idea for improving a product, an idea for a totally new product, or even an idea that will revolutionize the world. But if nothing can be done with this idea and it can’t be implemented, even the most brilliant idea is not worth much in the end.

PRIME is about making something out of ideas, breathing life into them. Or: PRIME delivers the idea that helps make your product better and more competitive.

No matter where in its life cycle your product is, at some point that one spark of an idea that determines whether the product endures or not is essential:

  • the choice of the most suitable material
  • the simulation of the relevant process, which tests the quality of your product
  • the perhaps unconventional but yet one and only correct solution to a problem

PRIME examines things closely, while also striving to maintain a certain degree of objectivity and distance. Different perspectives must be considered so that situations and issues can be thoroughly analyzed.

Even if decades-long experience and the most modern know-how seem contradictory at first glance, sometimes thinking outside the box is exactly what brings a solution a step closer.

And this is precisely PRIME’s preferred approach to a project, regardless of the type of product and what phase the project is in.