Simulation is a Cornerstone of Success

In today’s fast-paced research and development culture, simulation power gives you the competitive edge. PRIME aerostructures delivers a comprehensive service in a wide range of aerospace simulation activities.

Simulation is one of the ‘means of compliance’ and is a cornerstone of your development and certification program. Our stress analysis and report writing are carried out in the context of the applicable airworthiness regulations.

We concentrate on certification stress analysis and report writing, the idealization of designs for classical analytical methods, and the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of details or large-scale structures, checking models and interpreting results. We also carry out FE modeling using state of the art tools, reviewing and selecting critical failure criteria and developing margins of safety.

Within the stress function we include design review and drawing review, focusing on critical aspects of the design in the context of either the 2- or 3-D data.