PRIME at the Paris Air Show 2023


Paris, France

Airbus A380 at the Paris Air Show 2023

Taking Flight: PRIME Team Attends the Paris Air Show 2023

The Paris Air Show is one of the most significant aerospace exhibitions in the world. Spanning across seven days, the event attracts approximately 300,000 attendees annually. Visitors have the opportunity to witness a growing number of exhibitions, totaling around 2,500, from over 40 countries. The show provides a unique platform for showcasing and discovering the latest innovations, technologies, and products in the aerospace industry. In addition to captivating air displays and presentations, the event offers visitors the chance to engage with experts and professionals from the field and explore new business opportunities.

The PRIME team seized the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, participate in insightful discussions, and gain firsthand knowledge of the latest innovations shaping the future of aerospace.