PRIME at the Railway Forum 2023


Berlin, Germany

Railway Forum Berlin – Accelerating the Mobility Transition Together

PRIME aerostructures recently attended the Railway Forum in Berlin, where the theme “Accelerating the mobility transition together” framed discussions around key pillars: politics, legislation, digitalization, automation, energy supply, and sustainable technologies.

Railway Forum 2023 PRIME

Highlights From the Railway Forum

In the ever-evolving rail industry landscape, political and regulatory support, coupled with substantial investments, have bolstered the sector globally. These efforts are driven by the need to respond to the growing demand for rail travel. Key developments in the industry include:

  • Continental Rail Network in Europe
  • Energy Transformation
  • Eco-Conscious Rail Transport

Furthermore, the rail industry is facing challenges on a global scale, including the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, inflation, and material shortages.

These challenges are prompting a reevaluation of international and regional value chains, with a focus on achieving stability, environmental responsibility, human rights considerations, and cost-effectiveness in an evolving global landscape.

Virtual Twins Unlock Rail Benefits

Dassault Systèmes, which was also present at the Forum, offers cutting-edge technology called Virtual Twin Experiences, that plays a key role in revitalising and strengthening the sustainability of rail operations. This innovative technology empowers railway operators in several ways:

  • Comprehensive Modeling
  • Data-Driven Efficiency
  • 360-Degree Insight
  • Lifecycle Support

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform promotes collaboration between different railway disciplines, accelerates standardisation efforts and drives a robust digital transformation.

The result is increased efficiency, cost savings and sustainability in the rail sector, mirroring the success of unified platforms in other industries such as transportation, aerospace and defence over the past two decades.

Multibody Simulation With SIMPACK

Multibody Simulation

For those looking to leverage multibody simulation technology specifically tailored for the rail industry, we offer our SIMPACK Rail package. SIMPACK Rail is a powerful tool for simulating and optimizing rail system dynamics throughout the product development cycle.