PRIME at the JEC World 2023

JEC World 2023

Paris, France

PRIME at JEC World EmpowerAX Demo Part

JEC World 2023 – The Leading International Composites Show

JEC World 2023 brought together professionals, experts, and innovators from various sectors, showcasing cutting-edge solutions and trends in composite manufacturing. Although not presenting any products or services, PRIME aerostructures took full advantage of the event to gain insights into emerging technologies and engage with industry leaders.

DLR Innovation Lab EmpowerAX

The EmpowerAX demo represents a fruitful collaboration between the DLR Innovation Lab, EmpowerAX partners and our dedicated design team at PRIME. This joint project allowed us to combine our expertise and work towards a shared goal of advancing aerospace engineering. The EmpowerAX demo showcased additive functionalisation that has the potential to shape the future of lightweight design by cost-efficient production of highly optimized parts. We are proud to have contributed our design skills to this remarkable endeavor, and we believe that the EmpowerAX demo exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and innovation that drives us at PRIME.