Simpack Flexible Bodies

Available ReleasesSIMULIA 2021, SIMULIA 2018, SIMULIA 2019, SIMULIA 2020
Duration1 day
Course MaterialEnglish
LanguageEnglish or German
AudienceSimulation Analysts
DescriptionThis course is about structural flexibility in Simpack.
It explains how to import linear finite element (FE)
models into Simpack and how to model linear and
nonlinear beam structures directly in Simpack.
ObjectivesUpon completion of this course you will be able to:
– Prepare Abaqus models for use inside Simpack (as an Abaqus substructure)
– Integrate finite element models into the Simpack environment
– Define appropriate interface connections to the Simpack model
– Define appropriate mode selection inside the Simpack environment
– Perform Simpack analysis
– Perform postprocessing of flexible body results
PrerequisitesThis course is recommended for engineers with
experience using FEA tools and Simpack
Available OnlineYes