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Still, we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t enjoy ourselves as we spent the day on the beach with paella and white wine…. The results of our reader survey show that one of the main reasons for wanting more battery capacity is the fear of running dry but on an average ride most eMTBers never actually reach their range limit. You want to learn more about tires? Prefer to go on a short but fun ride rather than the endless drudgery of a Sunday ride with an unnecessarily heavy bike packed with enough gear and battery capacity for an Alpine epic! Among them are a few token apps with limited functionality such as route tracking and analysis with an upload function for various platforms like Strava. It looks like 2020 will be the best year in eMTB riding yet! The categorisation of an eMTB based on the available travel is not useful – more isn’t always more. Kontakt. The SRAM GX 11-speed drivetrain is standard on all Levo models. The ride comfort is surprisingly good, with an upright position if you want and a more "flat back" ride if you prefer, the adjust-ability is immense I am 6 ft 1" , and I am pretty sure my 4 year old daughter could ride this as well. Of course, they offer the best performance but you don’t always have to fork out that much money to get grins on the trail. : +49 4251 811 – 90 (Endverbraucher-Hotline) Fax: +49 42 51 / 8 11 – 159 E-Mail: Firstly because the Levo and Kenevo are clearly very different bikes so it would be exciting to see how they would fare in a direct comparison. MTB Ladies Comfort Bike Modell 2020 / ab 499,95 € Zum Bike. These categories are defined by their motor power and battery concept in combination with geometry, suspension and componentry as a whole. In reality, there are countless variables that influence the range and a large battery capacity doesn’t always equal longer range. The actual feel of the motor is not determined by the motor’s average power output but the maximum power output available in the respective support levels at peak loads. Of course, the price is a big factor for many buyers. So, the key questions we asked ourselves in this group test were: who is this bike for? Read the new issue of E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine now. Click here for the full review on the COMMENCAL META POWER 29 TEAM 2020. What good is the best motor if it’s badly tuned or poorly integrated into the bike? Instead we’re looking for the best solution for a specific application! CONWAY Hermann Hartje KG Deichstr. Wheel sizes 40% of the bikes come with 27.5″ wheels 36% of the bikes use MX wheels (29″ front, 27.5″ rear) 24% of the bikes feature 29″ wheels. The Californian bike brand is still setting standards in terms of integration, connectivity and customisation of the motor tuning. As the second lightest bike in the test field, despite its large 700 Wh battery, it convinced us with its excellent, balanced handling on the climbs and descents. Unfortunately on both bikes, you’ll first have to change the tires for more robust models before taking them on rough terrain. However, you have to run the tire pressure low enough to make the most of the benefits they offer and to be able to do so you need a sturdy tire casing for stability and puncture protection. Another sensible alternative is the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 10K. Dein Bike braucht das! Unfortunately, manufacturers still have to find workarounds for Bosch systems. Click here for more information or order it directly in our shop! The e-bike engine developer stepped up the game: with it’s brand new Performance CX, they only kept the well known name to it. They had to prove themselves in bike parks, on night rides, performing wall rides and taking in the scenery of some of Europe’s best trails. Where are all the batteries and why did we test an electric downhill bike? The sweet spot for most eMTBers seems to be between 600 and 700 Wh, where they are no longer afraid of maxing out their range. Because even if the points for the individual criteria are awarded “objectively”, the rating system is inevitably determined “subjectively”. Either way, it’s important that the display and remote are well protected in case of a crash, you can comfortably reach the control buttons and the system is intuitive to operate. Increased battery capacity, more travel and more durable components such as tires with thicker casings. The reason? ... Conway E-Bike MTB Cairon S 329 RH 53 Bosch CX 29 Zoll Räder Mod. If you’re a beginner and you’re about to attempt conquering an Alpine peak, first think about how you’re going to get back down. However, you’ll have to learn to live with the increased weight. For this group test, we focussed on all-round eMTBs. A posse of eight eMTBers took over this tranquil place with their 25 test bikes and temporarily transformed the monastery into the dream of every eMTBer on this planet. Fahrrad: Mountainbike. Other useful solutions include quick-chargers which can rapidly fill your battery during your lunch break or even carrying a spare battery. Kaufe jetzt Fahrradteile und Fahrradzubehör von CONWAY bequem und sicher im Online Shop von bike-components. As the best eMTB of 2020 it comes at a hefty price: € 11,499! Digital & free: by Felix Stix/Robin Schmitt/Jonas Muessig. The good news first: the majority of the 25 most promising eMTBs of 2020 didn’t disappoint. CONWAY Bikes sind innovativ und sportlich. The Kenevo is designed to take on big bellies and big drops. There is a huge variety of different approaches, from minimalistic to command centre. How much data do you actually need on a ride? The new Scott Genius eRIDE 900 Tuned – the carbon version of the Genius eRIDE 910 that we already tested – was also not available at the time of testing. We definitely recommend using knee pads and gloves when exploring challenging terrain and, of course, always a helmet! Also, you should always ask yourself how much support you really need before you get into a torque-measuring contest! Words: Felix Stix/Robin Schmitt/Jonas Muessig Photos: Finlay Anderson/Robin Schmitt/Felix Stix/Markus Frühmann, Copyright © 2020 E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine. 120-122 27318 Hoya. Use your brains and in case of doubt, use protective gear! Many of bikes were built with a specific purpose in mind, which is admirable. After subtracting the bike’s weight from the total weight it’s rated for, you’re often only left with 95 kg for the rider and their gear. The Levo Comp even has one advantage over the S-Works: it comes with aluminium rims. Kontakt. What’s the furthest distance that you’re likely to ride in an extreme case and with how much elevation gain? If so, take a closer look at the Orbea WILD FS M-LTD! Diese Bikes weisen den Charakter vollwertiger MTB auf, bieten aber einen hohen Fahrkomfort und sind für die Straße komplett ausgerüstet. We keep on getting emails from our readers with questions about the total weight limit of individual bikes that we’ve reviewed. Tel. Probably too heavy if you consider the total permissible weight limit of many eMTBs! For 2020, Specialized opted against the less stiff PIKE. Brilliant! The weight limit is specified by the bicycle manufacturer and ensures that all the components on the bike are able to carry the load. Besides that, a lot of our readers use their bike in very different ways. Versand. The results of our 2020 service survey, Bike boom in a crisis? Diese Bikes weisen den Charakter vollwertiger MTB auf, bieten aber einen hohen Fahrkomfort und sind für die Straße komplett ausgerüstet. Sometimes these might be the better choice. As unsexy as it may sound, it just makes sense and meets the real needs of eMTBers. Depending on the application, you should choose either a modular system, an integrated battery or an external battery mounted on the down tube. The most expensive bike (€ 11,499) costs almost twice as much as the most affordable bike on test (€ 5,799). What’s the best Bosch bike? 25 bikes is a big number for a group test, requiring very careful planning. Kontakt. The right question is not, “Which eMTB in the group test has the longest range?” but rather, “Which eMTB battery system suits me?”. It’s only then that you can accurately assess a bike’s real capabilities. The limiting factors here are usually the seat post, carbon wheels and cockpit. Before we get into the review, we would like to tell you about our latest print edition. That’s why we’re seeing devices such as the MonkeyLink system on the Bulls and ROTWILD eMTBs which quickly lets you mount mudguards as well as lights that are powered by the main battery. Giant is the front-runner here with a permissible total weight limit of 156 kg, leaving about 131 kg for rider and kit. Numbers aren’t everything, but they can give you a good feeling for trends. Orbea WILD FS M-LTD (Click for review) | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 160/160 mm (f/r) | 22.50 kg (size L) | € 8,999, MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 10K (Click for review) | Shimano STEPS E8000/504 Wh | 160/150 mm (f/r) | 22.16 kg (size L) | € 9,799. But even the more affordable alternative doesn’t have to hide: the eONE-SIXTY 8000. The most capable descender is the Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert. It’s overall performance on the trail is brilliant and it features a dual-battery system which will allow you to fulfil the dream of riding from Munich to Lake Garda across the Alps. We are very critical about comparing bikes based on seemingly obvious parameters such as travel, wheel size or battery capacity. Contact Info. A more upright or a more stretched riding position? If you’re not looking for the best all-rounder, we made a summary of our recommendations for specific types of riders and terrain. The average head angle has slackened by 0.5°. On the contrary, most of the best bikes on the trail are those with the most balanced and stable handling. Grips: CONWAY “Sport Fix” Seat: CONWAY “3378” Comfort Seatpost: CONWAY Patent, Ø 31.6 mm Fender: SKS, plastic Luggage Carrier: ÄTRAN “Tour Pro”, incl. (This is how to determine the correct frame size for your next E-MTB), Fortunately, most of the bikes in the test field come with powerful four-piston brakes with at least 200 mm rotors. The added grip of a 2.8″ tire on the rear can be particularly useful for the climbs. : +49 4251 811 – 90 (Endverbraucher-Hotline) Fax: +49 42 51 / 8 11 – 159 E-Mail: As you can see, we take our testing very seriously – without forgetting to have fun, of course! Die Macher wissen genau, wie der Markt tickt, und offerieren preislich attraktive und obendrein superschöne Modelle. Nevertheless, the componentry, integration and technical features as well as factors such as the frame size are crucial in determining the handling, performance and durability. Sonderpreis. So always wear a helmet, work on your riding technique and ride within your limits. mtb lady. Bosch Performance CX Motor Komplett ausgestattet Ein richtig geländetaugliches Vehikel Conway Elektrorad Cairon C 427 SUV Damen, 27,5" (2020) What is the fairest and most realistic way to judge an eMTB? Therefore, the most important thing to know at the time of purchase is how you intend to use the bike and to be aware of the design’s advantages and disadvantages. Since 1972 GT Bicycles has proudly been developing bikes, for every type of rider, with a consistent mission. Explore the breathtaking natural scenery and all-age attractions of New Hampshire’s iconic White Mountains during your stay at the In unserer Kategorie Mountainbikes findest Du allerdings eine Vielzahl an Alternativen! With a comfortable pedalling position it allows you to take on long rides, offers maximum riding pleasure, instils you with confidence and remains composed and predictable in every situation. but not good enough for the all-round characteristics we expect of the Best in Test. Nowadays you’ll find similar modes on almost every motor. trelock "bike-i mini ls592" led 15 lux. Our editor will Felix let you in on everything you need to know about tires, as well as explaining how to find the perfect tire combination for your E-Mountainbike. Deine Anmeldung wurde erfolgreich abgeschickt! + 163 mm fork travel on average + 160 mm rear suspension travel on average = Cumulatively, the bikes of this group test offer more than 8 m of travel! Bosch, on the other hand, don’t allow customers or dealers to customise the support modes – not that it’s particularly necessary, since the standard modes are very nicely tuned and clearly differentiated as they are. In some cases, you can upgrade to a more compact dropper post that offer more travel with less insertion depth. As we already mentioned above, the majority of the 25 bikes we tested offered a great package and performed well in specific types of terrain for specific types of riders. Back in Germany, the test team also took the bikes to our autumnal home trails around Stuttgart, full of flow, dirt, mud and leaves as well as on forest roads on our morning commute to the office. Conway Cairon S 327 Trapez E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX 3.672,43 € FISCHER Damen - E-Bike Trekking VIATOR 5.0i, grau matt, 28 Zoll, RH 44 oder 49 cm, Brose Drive C … However, it has to be said that these weight restrictions primarily serve as legal safeguards for manufacturers and always assume a worst case scenario. The only general statement we can make is that on the same eMTB, more battery capacity usually means an increase in range. Of course, we also tested the bikes at our headquarters near Stuttgart, where along with regular trail blasting, they had to prove their everyday practicality as offroad commuters. That means you won’t immediately write them off if you hit a rock at speed and will usually come away with nothing more than a dent. While non-motorised mountain bikes mostly fulfil a clearly defined purpose, eMTBs often have to fulfil several roles, getting used in many different ways. Bear in mind that this is more of a guideline given that there’s no fixed or easy way of comparing the range between the different ebikes and systems. Conway eMC 727 27.5" / 650B MTB E-Bike Komplettrad Sie sind die SUVs im Programm von CONWAY. There’s a lot to be done here in the coming years to get more clarity on the subject! With its well rounded versatility putting a smile on the faces of both novices and experts alike, the Specialized S-Works Levo deservedly wins the Best in Test. Ohhh yes, this bike has to be amazing!” Bullshit! : +49 4251 811 – 90 (Endverbraucher-Hotline) Fax: +49 42 51 / 8 11 – 159 E-Mail: After completing our big E-MOUNTAINBIKE group test of 25 bikes, we summarised the most exciting trends and insights we gleaned. However, we’ll tell you what we do know about the hottest bikes of 2020: Where is this all going? 120-122 27318 Hoya. CONWAY Hermann Hartje KG Deichstr. What information do you need to make the right decision? Conway MCL 327 Damen. Because what really counts is not the spec sheet but the size of your grin! Conway Cairon S 327 MTB E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX 2.750,00 € Conway Cairon S 327 Trapez E-Bike, 2020 Mountainbike Pedelec Bosch CX If you ask us, an arms race of ever more powerful motors and bigger batteries won’t necessarily lead to better bikes. Shimano SLX brakes with 203 mm rotors provide the necessary stopping power. Unless the available travel is well-controlled, even a long travel bike can handle poorly in a bike park. You get a 150 mm dropper post on sizes M and L and suspension is taken care of by a RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock and a RockShox Lyrik Select RC fork. What good is downhill performance if getting to the top of the trail is a chore? It can happen that some eMTBs sound like a two-stroke while a different bike with the same motor is nearly silent, because the one frame amplifies the noise and the other dampens it. To do that you need a comprehensive overview of the current market and be open to brands you might not have considered before. 11 E-MTB trends and findings from our 2020 group test. The MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 8000 is priced at € 6,199, coming in at € 3,600 less than the flagship model despite having the same carbon frame. What does the best eMTB have to be capable of? Unfortunately, many brands still use spoke magnets, which can easily twist or fall off while you’re riding. Besides that, the motor itself can be quite noisy when it’s engaged but this varies from one system to another. Gut erhaltenes MTB. Unser Sortiment bietet über 50.000 Fahrradprodukte. Even though all motors share the same claimed nominal power motor output of 250 watts, there are huge differences between models. The alternative costs over € 5,000 less. The biggest flops of the group test: the Bosch motor tends to rattle, the TQ system constantly gives a high-pitched buzz and the Rocky Mountain could be used for a “Made in Canada” coffee grinder radio ad. Why? With your input and 25 eMTBs in tow, we travelled to Spain, the Bavarian Alps and the Italian trail paradise of Sanremo to push each bikes’ limits on various terrain. 20 Jahre Erfahrung - Riesige Auswahl - Schneller Versand - Trusted Shop und persönliche Beratung. We included two bikes from Specialized. 82 - 91. mtb comfort. It was our aim to answer these questions with every review, thus giving you a clear recommendation for or against every individual bike. We rode all 25 bikes back to back over 10 days to figure out the many differences between them. Order the Conway eCS 300 E-Bike Men 48cm 10S - Matt Black/Orange online quickly and at low cost. Alle Preise verstehen sich in Euro und exkl. Soooo, now that we’ve got your attention, we can get to the actual question: are helmet and knee pads really necessary? Incidentally, you don’t only hear vibrations, you can also feel them! Sie sparen €700. Siehe selbst! Are you an experienced rider with an active riding style? Chain, cables, batteries – there’s a lot that can rattle, creak or make other annoying noises on an eMTB when you’re riding down a trail. The EXO+ casing of the MAXXIS tires is limited for aggressive trail use, so we recommend you upgrade these to something more robust if you intend to ride hard. An eMTB is only as good as the person riding it. Leading the charge is the Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert and Giant Reign E+ 0 Pro. The bike offering the most complete package of handling, climbing, descending, long-distance comfort, design, motor performance, battery system, weight and attention to detail is the Specialized S-Works Levo. Then give our tire group test a read! The weight advantage of carbon over aluminium rims is less noticeable on an eMTB. When it comes to speed on man-made trails, technical climbs and descents and airtime, the Orbea WILD FS M-LTD is our testers’ favourite bike. Top conway mountain comfort MC 400 jugendrad mit Gepäckträger und Korb . If the Best in Test or Best Value Tip are not right for you, we’ve put together an overview of the best alternatives below. 120-122 27318 Hoya. Click here for the full review on the Specialized S-Works Levo. It offers outstanding technical features, is suitable for all types of riders and is considered the benchmark in terms of riding fun. We were looking for the complete package of handling, climbing and descending capabilities as well as comfort, design, motor performance, battery concept, weight and attention to detail. And for whom isn’t it? The componentry is rounded off with a Shimano XT derailleur and a 12-speed cassette, a 170 mm dropper post on the size L and a multi-tool under the saddle. 2020 NEU. The answers we received from 11,000 eMTBers in our reader survey clearly show how diverse and varied your requirements are. That mission is the same reason everybody throws a leg over their very first bike … CONWAY Produkte sind bei uns im Shop leider nicht mehr verfügbar. One thing was clear from the start: the winner of this group test would have to be a true all-rounder and excel in every discipline.

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